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Photo: Camilla Jensen 2014

Photo: Camilla Jensen 2014

Jeg var i år så utrolig heldig at jeg mottok Statens stipend for etablerte kunstnere, et stipend som dekker 50% inntekt i 10 år. Målet er å gjøre mottakerne i stand til å leve av å være utøvende kunstnere. I denne perioden ønsker jeg å utvikle meg som dirigent, også for orkester. Mitt mål er å dirigere kor- og orkesterverker i større utstrekning enn før. Og opera! Første trinn er masterclass i Berlin i november, noe jeg attpåtil fikk reisestipend til fra Fond for utøvende kunstnere.

I was so fortunate that I this year go a huge scholarship from the norwegian state, paying me 50% salary for 10 years to develop myself as a conductor!I In this period, I wish to learn more about orchestral conducting, and I start with masterclass for conductors in Berlin:


Berlin Sinfonietta

10th International Masterclass for Conductors

Vivaldi, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovitch, Elgar

November 2nd – 7th 2014

We are happy to celebrate our 10th masterclass with the world renowned “Mentor of Conductors,” Maestro Kenneth Kiesler. It is a rare opportunity in Europe to experience his highly regarded and important approach to teaching conducting. Kiesler, who is widely regarded for his interpretations of Shostakovitch and Mozart, has a long and distinguished history with string orchestras and string repertoire. He will dedicate this masterclass exclusively to string pieces from different periods; from the Baroque to the 20th century.

Besides intensive active conducting sessions with a professional orchestra, each one of the participants will have the chance to work with Mr. Kiesler on critical aspects of conducting, including score studying, musical analysis and conducting technique, with the emphasis on the delicate work with strings instruments and strings players. It is a very good opportunity to focus on this enormous subject, and inspect it from the practical point of view as well as a historical one. The number of participants is limited to twelve.  There is no age limit, though this masterclass is suitable for advanced conductors..The course will be taught primarily in English, and secondarily in German. If you don’t speak these languages, and you would like to participate in the masterclass, we will make our best effort to provide a translator. Please mention that in your application.All the sessions with the orchestra will be video recorded, and each participant will receive his or her videos on a 8 GB USB stick, which he or she may keep and take home with them.We look forward to this exciting masterclass.
A. Vivaldi : Concerto in La maggiore per Archi e Cembalo, FXI No. 4

W. A. Mozart:
Divertimento for Strings in D Major KV. 136

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: Serenade for String Orchestra in C major, Op.48

Elgar: Serenade for String Orchestra in E minor Op. 20

Dmitri Shostakovich: Chamber Symphony in C minor Op. 110a (String Quartet No. 8 arr. Rudolf Barshai)

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