Kort CV / Short CV

Photo: Camilla Jensen 2014
Photo: Camilla Jensen 2014

Assistant professor in choral conducting at the Norwegian Academy of Music since 1991.

Receiver of the Norwegians State´s 10 Year grant for established artists since 2014.

Book: The Choir – singing – leading- communicating. http://www.cantando.com

Conductor of:

2018 – Kammerkoret YMIR / Chamber Choir YMIR

2002— Schola Cantorum http://www.scholacantorum.no

2011-2013  Norges Ungdomskor / The Norwegian Youth choir

2007-2009 Kormester ved Oscarsborgoperaen / Choir master at the Oscarsborg Opera

1998 -2004 Damekoret Vocalis  / the laides´ choir Vocalis in Moss

Prosjekter : Musikkhøgskolens kammerkor / The chamber choir at the Norwegian Academy of Music

1991-2002: Den Norske Studentersangforening / The Norwegian Student Choral Society

1995-1996: Akershus korforbunds representasjonskor

1992-1995: Nordstrand Musikkselskaps kor

1991-1993: Schützenglene, kammerkor med vekt på barokkmusikk / The Schütz angels («Guardian angels»), baroque ensemble

Photo: Camilla Jensen
Photo: Camilla Jensen

Choir and orchestra

  • Mozart: Mass in c minor
  • Mozart: Requiem
  • Schnittke: Requiem
  • Dvorak: Stabat Mater
  • Brahms: Ein Deutsches Requiem
  • Brahms: Alto Rhapsody
  • Orff: Carmina Burana
  • Lloyd Webber: Requiem
  • Purcell: Fairy Queen
  • Purcell: Dido and Aeneas
  • Cherubini: Requiem in d minor
  • Fauré: Requiem
  • Duruflé: Requiem
  • Bach: Kantata no 72
  • Bach: Mass in B minor
  • Händel: Dixit Dominus
  • Mendelssohn: Wie der Hirsch schreit, psalm 42
  • Schubert: Gesang der Geister über den Wassern
  • Weill: Das Berliner Requiem
  • Monrad Johansen: Voluspaa
  • Händel: Messias
  • Vaughan Williams: A fantasia on christmas carols
  • Vivaldi: Kyrie for two choirs
  • Vivaldi: Gloria
  • Sarah Kirkland Snider: Mass for the endangered
  • Lars-Erik Larsson: Förklädd Gud
  • Bruckner: Mass in e minor
  • Herbert Howells: Requiem
Photo: Camilla Jensen 2014
Photo: Camilla Jensen 2014




New composed norwegian folk music for choir and fiddle by and with Bjørn Kåre Odde.



Trachea, the windpipe. A source of transformation where the breath of a human being can be refined into the most beautiful, powerful, tender art. The voice is humankind’s primeval instrument, plumbing the greatest depths of our emotional register. Schola Cantorum takes us through six unique musical landscapes that share something fundamental: This is music that celebrates the physical and spiritual, thinking and feeling human being — and at the same time poses a challenge. Who are we?

Bjørn Kåre Odde: Snilla Patea
Martin Ødegaard: Trachea
Ståle Kleiberg: Alt i universet
Bjørn Morten Christophersen: Oak and Mayfly
Karin Rehnqvist: When I close my eyes, I dream of peace
Frøy Aagre: Gloria

«I love the choir — this instrument which is so unpredictable, so personal. Each member sings with his or her own voice, communicating their own personal story, and my objective is to collect it all, unify and purify it, and hopefully make the Eros, the profound and inherent love, shine brightly by way of the instrument. Whether the music is complex or simple, the objective remains equal: to cultivate an energy and a timbre which merge with the composition, elevating it to something larger than the sum of all its individual elements. It is during this encounter, where each individual forms part of something larger than themselves, that musical magic arises. This is what I seek. Those moments when the eyes of both the performers and our audience glow. This is the moment I know that we have succeeded.» — Tone Bianca Sparre Dahl, conductor

Ever since Schola Cantorum was founded by composer Knut Nystedt in 1964, the chamber choir of the Department of Musicology at the University of Oslo has had as its prime goal to present contemporary choral works with a particular emphasis on Norwegian and Nordic composers. 

Recording sessions: Facebook Photo Album

Immersive Audio is a sonic sculpture that you can literally move around and relate to spatially; surrounded by music you can move about in the aural space and choose angles, vantage points and positions. Dolby Atmos and the Auro-3D on this Pure Audio Blu-ray delivers a new standard in immersion, fully enveloping the audience in a cocoon of life-like audio. Recorded in discrete 7.0.4 at DXD resolution. 



What is the music of the Nordic light? Let yourself be transported to a new world of sound as the chamber choir Schola Cantorum and conductor Tone Bianca Dahl, with guest musicians Are Sandbakken and Nordic Voices, grant you an AUDIENCE. Hear one of Norway’s leading choirs in premier recordings and modern classics.



Thomas Aquinas writes in the Summa Theologica: «Music is the exaltation of the mind derived from things eternal, bursting forth in sound.» The quotation most aptly describes the repertoire on the Norwegian chamber choir Schola Cantorum’s recording of hymns to Mary, the Mother of God, in which tranquillity, eternity and ‘bursting forth into sound’ are encountered in many different guises. 

The composers represented here have often chosen to allow their music to evolve in stable structures and remain within static harmonic spaces even when the music becomes expressive and dramatic: Benjamin Britten, Francis Poulenc, Maurice Duruflé, Eric Whitacre, Morten Lauridsen, Martin Ødegaard, Kjell Mørk Karlsen, Anton Bruckner, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Arvo Pärt, Ola Gjeilo, Andrew Smith and Trond Kverno.

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  1. Hi Mrs Tone. First, happy New Year and all the best! I’ve listened performance of your Schola cantorum choir with Dimmu Borgir, which is one of my favorite bands. I’m also a singer here in University choir. Can I ask you for scores of choral arrangements of Dimmu Borgir’s songs? Thanks. Greetings from Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia.


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